We restore, refurbish and rent vintage camper trailers for use in the southern Adirondacks and beyond.

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Chatty Cathy Light

The purchase of my first vintage camper shortly followed the purchase of a little cabin in the southern Adirondacks in Caroga Lake, New York.

My partner and I love the cabin. He "understands" my love of vintage campers: unlike me, he did not have a childhood that included many happy memories of camping across Canada and the northeastern United States.

It was a playful time. The campers I have purchased are playfully refurbished and rebuilt, not professionally "restored"...

I am offering them for rent, for two reasons: First, I suspect others may enjoy creating their own memories. Secondly, I have fallen in love with the play of saving these little campers. And "playfully" revisiting/recreating an aspect of the time or culture from days past.  Two are ready, three are in the works.... and I am currently looking for one to house my growing collection of vintage puppets with hopes of also offering puppet shows from a camper I have yet to find.

Life is rich. The Adirondacks are incredible.
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Chatty Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer
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Chatty Cathy, 1963
Canadian version of
the first talking doll

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Rent a vintage camper in the Adirondacks!

Rent a vintage camper in the Adirondacks!
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