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Monday, February 19, 2018

Great Trail Find! The "Alma!" - Would you buy it?

In the 50's, an average income for the average family was about $4000, an average new home ran about $17 grand, and a new car? About $1500 - $2500.

Found in a dump along the snowmobile trail yesterday

However, a top of the line mobile home? Only ran between $3,000 and $6,000 dollars. These older trailers are fast becoming as collectible as the little campers I have been restoring - and getting harder and harder to find. (To see vintage advertisements from that time period, click here.)

Oh, Baby! 

Which is why I like snowmobiling. Yesterday, the first of two vintage campers found along a snowmobile trail in the eastern Adirondacks was this Alma trailer.
A fellow rider said, "You would never buy THAT,  would you?"
Mmmmmm..... thoughts?

Still being used, recycling center along the trail

A little history is in order (I love the Adirondacks - as you are immersed in history as soon as you cross "the Blue Line").

The Alma "Badge"

The Alma Trailer Company manufactured travel trailers from 1930-1962. It was located in the vacant Republic Truck Company on Michigan Ave. in Alma, Michigan. To learn more contact the Alma Public Library or chase down local historian, Dave McMacken. 

But back to the question - "You would never buy that, would you?"

Restored 1947 Alma trailer. 20 ft.

Here would be part of my decision-making process:
First, for fun, I would look to see if anyone else has restored a vintage Alma.

Doesn't this photo inspire you?

I would then do a "google photo search" to see what turns up.
Oh, boy! I have included a wealth of photos, with links to further information. After enjoying this photo history, ask yourself... 
"Would you buy this trailer?" 
(or just enjoy the trip down memory lane!)

Here are a few shots from the company's first location, and the interior of several 1938 Alma trailers....

Here are other restored, or restorable Alma trailers, found during my photo search...

1954 Alma "Weekender" Model

1942 Alma.... under restoration

Found for sale, online...

Once you have the vintage camper bug, the only cure, it seems, is bankruptcy, time, and running out of room to store them!

Any time you would like to snowmobile with me in the Adirondacks, let me know! You never know what you will find along the trails -

Chatty Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

For further information about the history of vintage campers and trailers, click here.

1952 Advertisement for the Alma Trailer Company


  1. 1951 Alma Travel Tralier,(36.2), ok condition, repainted dark green,(house paint), Catskill Mountains, NYS,can share photos. Not for sale, owned by four owners, on private property next to NY State Land,On spot here since late 1968 has not moved or been towed in all these decades.(Previously relocated earlier in 1968 from Metropolitan Trailer Park in Moonachie, New Jersey.

    1. corrinaandleny@gmail.com .This is the contact method thru gmail to reach US, thank you.

  2. any info on Alma campers would be great I have 1 looking for more inf

  3. I have an old Alma year 55 siting on my property its in fair condition needs a good cleaning...not sure if everything works, all of the original appliances are in place.

    1. Hello, I am currently restoring a 1952 Alma.. Do you have any exterior photos of yours? We are trying to determine the paint schemes... would love to chat further about this... my email is kelly@kellyklinephoto.com Thanks in advance!

  4. How much? Where? dawn_parker@comcast.net

  5. A friend of mine has a 1954 Alma "Golden Princess" 16' camper for sale for $1,000.00 in Alma, MI...loribrinks@hotmail.com


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