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Thursday, May 17, 2018

The first bookings of the season...

First bookings happening.... and final prep work on the three vintage campers coming to a close.

Exciting to see where these babies will be traveling!

The first booking, for Beam Me Up, Scotty (above)
is at a rally to be held in Rhinebeck, NY in May as part of the Sisters on the Fly camping organization!

Learn more about the Sisters, here and other upcoming events, too!
We feel honored to have one of our campers be part of this well-respected organization's upcoming event, and wish we could join them personally!

Meanwhile, the "S'Lumberack" is headed for Warrensburg Trailer Campground
on Schroon Lake Road for the 4th of July festivities!
A couple will be traveling up from Texas with their little puppy, and will meet up with other family for the week. They are thrilled and so are we!

The 1969 Frolic is getting her wings!

The Flying Cow, from high atop the Catskills in Bovina, NY is ready for takeoff and just listed on Outdoorsy, our rental and booking website.

Delivery available. .53 cents per mile round trip (first 60 miles free!)
This makes renting from us easy... no need for a tow vehicle!
Over one million in liability insurance provided, and some exciting Add-Ons, including a Deluxe Rental Package...

see this all at our website,

Happy Camping...
Chatty Cathy
(heading off now to work a bit more
on Thy Flying Cow!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Curtains! Queen Elizabeth is watching, too!

Curtains! Curtains! Curtains!

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Beware The Queen! I am Canadian, and so the presence of Queen Elizabeth sneaks in unbid, no matter what I do. She does not look happy, either.
(She needs to go camping)

see video

The Flying Cow Vintage Camper
The Adirondacks Go Funkadelic!
(See Facebook Posts For More Info)

The third of five campers will be ready for renting
this season. It will be a tribute to the 60's
(she is a 1965 Frolic Camper, made, like many, in Illinois)
although she was purchased high in the Catskills,
in a little town called Bovina.

Her name? The Flying Cow.
You can imagine what directions the Adirondack-inspired
artwork is going to go. Stay Tuned.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

"Soft" Opening of Vintage Camper Online Store

Thanks to the miracle of on-line marketing,
vintage camper enthusiasts can now find a variety of unique gift ideas, outdoor items, cookbooks, clothing and camping decor in our new
Vintage Camper Store!
- - - - - - - 
(Disclaimer: The Items I am promoting are shared with your possible pleasure in mind. “I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through many of the links for products in this post.”) Although it is a small amount, this helps compensate for the time invested in sharing my passion for vintage campers and life in the Adirondacks.) 

Looking for games, skits and ideas for throwing a 

Coming soon... handmade items from both
and also
(sample below)

We hope you enjoy this "Soft" Opening
and check back often as our online product line grows.

Happy Trails,
"Chatty Cathy" Light
Your Vintage Campographer

Chatty Cathy - First Talking Doll (1959)

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Top 3 camping essentials? Your input needed.

- Your Recommendations Needed -

I am looking for your advice, friends.
I am developing a "Camp Store" on my new website,
and so far, have just included 6 books I would recommend
if you were bringing your family to the Adirondacks
to rent a vintage camper.

Most of the products in the store are being shared by me as an affiliate marketer. 

Please read this disclaimer:
(Disclaimer: The Items I am promoting are shared with your possible pleasure in mind. “I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through many of the links for products in this post.”) Although it is a small amount, this helps compensate for the time invested in sharing my passion for vintage campers and life in the Adirondacks.)

What 3 items would you recommend
to include in the
Camp Store?

Please put your top three choices in the comment sections below.


Chatty Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

(Try Your Luck, By The Way)


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(Drawing held once 250 entrants have completed this challenge)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Meet The Flying Cow, a 1965 Frolic, no. 5 in our growing fleet

Introducing The Flying Cow, a 1965 (?) Frolic
Wanna find a nice vintage camper? 
Head to the highlands, my friends. 

I may have to call the most recent vintage camper to be 
added to the fleet of rentals at
 "The Flying Cow"
as she comes from Bovina, New York in the Catskills.

Let's just say there are a lot of collectors in the Catskills
who collect everything from toasters to Airstreams.
Vintage cars, too...

Yesterday was my third visit to see the Frolic.
Could not leave without her...
(my friend was very patient helping to get The Flying Cow safely attached to the back of my 6 cylinder Honda). I will invest in a sway bar hitch attachment 
to haul her in the future. She made me a little nervous heading 
DOWN from the Catskills. Just a little...)

Happily, we made it home before the expected 20-30 inches of snow landed.

The first 8 inches that fell atop The Flying Cow.
My plan is to have her ready to launch for her maiden voyage in June. 
We will be attending a Vintage Camper Rally to be held in Herkimer, NY 
at the Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA. 

I have reserved an extra spot for anyone who would like to rent one 
of my other vintage campers for that weekend.
Yes, we will be digging for Herkimer Diamonds while there!

My friends will be saying in one of their newest finds...(sigh!)

So, refurbishing is about to begin.
She is an old camper, with good bones, a few old age spots on her exterior,
and a wonderful interior. She is going to need a wide range of repairs and upgrades.

The back 3/4 bed frame is missing, just below the bunk in the back.
She will need a new floor, some new electric, plumbing, gas lines, exterior lights, the birch paneling needs some repair, a new door, a new bumper... undercoating...
and the beat goes on. See videos below detailing similar restorations...

Photo of old heater. Will just repaint, not replace.
Love the birch interior, which was recently refinished, in part.
The refrigerator is locked shut. Will need to fix that.... 
Adore the turquoise sink, stove and oven. Hope they function.
First on my "To-Do" List? The cushions.

I always advise my friends to do a checklist BEFORE buying a camper.
You need to know what you are dealing with.

However, sometimes, you just have to act, knowing from experience,
if you have it, that most of the items need upgrades when
dealing with 50+ year-old campers.
By the way, I trust my friend, Ken, from whom I bought this camper. 
We BOTH know, from experience, 
what you can expect to find in old campers.

This one will be no exception.
It is the leaks, and damage from leaking ceilings,
that cause most of these to need complete frame up rebuilds.
And I will probably have to deal with SOME of these issues in this camper, too.
(I always hope for the best, but prepare for this worse)

Sorry this is out of focus!
I suspect issues around the vent, and will be
replacing some of the birch here, at the minimum.

Repairing a camper is kinda like driving a school bus.
In order to have summers off, I am learning how to drive a school bus. In my first 4-5 weeks of training, 
I have seen so many drivers do stupid things just 
so that they don't have to drive behind a school bus.
When driving a school bus, I hope for the best from other drivers on the road.
but expect the worse. When restoring a leak in a camper, same. 
I hope for the best, but expect the worse.

Will let you know how it goes!

She may be smiling now. . .  but time will tell!

ps.... Might want to go from the bottom up!

Happy Trails,
Cathy Light, Your Vintage Photographer

See Other Frolics From The Sixties In Youtube Links Below

whose interior mirrors
The Flying Cow

Humor me... I love these flying cow images.
Look up Bovina, NY.... and book a flight if you can!

Buy Your Own Flying Cow!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weddings and Special Events are a breeze at Pine Lake Park...

Introducing the 2nd of 8 Preferred 
Vintage Camper Share Campgrounds...
Pine Lake Park and Campground 
136 Timberline Lane, Caroga Lake, NY 12032
Contact owner Jeff Houck, 518-835-4930

Offers Seasonal Camping, Company and Group Picnics, Catering, Weddings, Swimming, Boating, Dancing, Golfing, Hiking, a Convenience Store, an Arcade, Snacks, Mini Golf and more.

The picturesque Adirondack setting is the perfect venue for your special day.  The experienced staff will work with you to ensure that your reception is a truly memorable event.  They offer complete catering and beverage packages. The hall will seat over 400 guests and there is ample parking available.  There are two different wedding locales on-premise - beachside or in the shaded grove.  

Pine Lake Park is an ideal Adirondack location for your company, church, school and family picnics.  Let them cater your next event while you enjoy the day.  Any food package can be customized to meet your needs.  All food is prepared fresh on a charcoal-fired barbeque pit and experienced staff will help make your party the highlight of the summer season.  Call today to reserve your date.

Our Most Popular Beach Buffet:
*$12.00 per person

* Including Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - Two Salads (your choice) - Potato Chips - Beverage

 Famous Chicken BBQ:
*$14.00 per person

*1/2 Chicken - Two Salads (your choice) - Potato Chips - Condiments - Beverage

Catering packages include beach admission and use of the covered pavilion.  (Subject to availability)  Additional items are available.

From the Caroga Lake Post Office across the road from Sherman's Park. Head northwest 5.0 miles on RT-10/RT-29A toward E Shore Road West Caroga, make a slight right on to Pine Lake Rd., at the Pine Lake Lodge, about 0.1 miles. Turn right at Timberline Ln, about 0.1 miles.

The end of the season party is a big favorite!
Learn more about the park and about Caroga Lake in the two local books
still available on-line in a limited quantity.
See below...


(Disclaimer: The Items I am promoting above in on my website are shared with your possible pleasure in mind. “I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through many of the links for products in this post.”) Although it is a small amount, this helps compensate for the time invested in sharing my passion for vintage campers and life in the Adirondacks.) 

We went to Pine Lakes for a paddle in our canoes. We took about 1.5 hours to paddle. It was a very nice lake. Easy paddle with some really cool mossy stumps poking out. Had a parking area and a nice launch area.

Nancy H. Stevens


Happy Trails!

Chatty Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

Create your own unique memories
by renting a vintage camper

Phone 518 605 3668

An Introduction to history of Camp Culture and Recreational Vehicles...

Camping in the ADKs - Vintage Photos

Every time a man sees something new in the world, he finds something new in himself. What a man thinks of the trees and birds, of the sea and mountains and the whole panorama of the summer spectacle, is an exposition of himself. What you see reveals you. We do not so much interpret nature — for nature needs but little interpretation ~ we interpret ourselves.

William Chalmers Covert, Wild Woods and Waterways ( 1914), p. 241.


Part One/Excerpts from American camp culture: a history of recreational vehicle development and leisure camping in the United States, 1890-1960 David Leroy Harmon Iowa State University

America is unique.

Even before this great land became a nation, many individuals set out to explore its natural wealth and beauty. 
America was considered the "New World." Americans of the late-18th and 19th century believed in that notion, even if they had to modify the idea to fit the vision they had of themselves. Americans identified their nation as a tabula rasa - an Edenic paradise unspoiled by overpopulation and the depletion of natural resources, open and airy rather than choking from hasty industrialization and dense urbanization.

Atop Mount March, the Adirondack's  tallest mountain.

,,,from roughly 1815 to 1862, "America was engaged in a quest for a definition of self that would give meaning to the American past, present, and future. The questions 'What is America?' and 'Who are the Americans?' had been asked before, but not with particular urgency."

Americans sought their national "identity in their relationship to the land they had settled."  ... tourism provided "a means of defining America as a place and taking pride in the special features of its landscape."

Americans turned to the landscape for a variety of reasons, but one primary reason rested in the fact that Americans did not have ancient ruins or majestic cathedrals to point to as symbols of their culture and civilization.

Instead, Americans pointed to the sublime, pastoral landscape with its unique and abundant natural wonders.

American interest and pride grew with every successive voyage or expedition undertaken to chart and explore the vast American landscape. This appreciation appeared in many forms and appealed to American sentiment. Artists like Thomas Cole and Frederic Church captured these inspiring images while writers like William Byrd II, Henry David Thoreau, and James Fenimore Cooper painted mental images expressed through words.

Among the most popular sites, Niagara Falls had attracted Americans since the earliest years of the nineteenth century. Eastern beaches also proved attractive early on, principally due to their proximity. Other areas as well, like the White Mountains of Vermont, the Adirondacks, the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and the Chesapeake Bay area, held a uniquely sublime experience for those who ventured there. 

Before there were roads they went on horseback, later by wagons....

(To be continued...)

Vintage Photos of Adirondack Camping
provided by

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