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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weddings and Special Events are a breeze at Pine Lake Park...

Introducing the 2nd of 8 Preferred 
Vintage Camper Share Campgrounds...
Pine Lake Park and Campground 
136 Timberline Lane, Caroga Lake, NY 12032
Contact owner Jeff Houck, 518-835-4930

Offers Seasonal Camping, Company and Group Picnics, Catering, Weddings, Swimming, Boating, Dancing, Golfing, Hiking, a Convenience Store, an Arcade, Snacks, Mini Golf and more.

The picturesque Adirondack setting is the perfect venue for your special day.  The experienced staff will work with you to ensure that your reception is a truly memorable event.  They offer complete catering and beverage packages. The hall will seat over 400 guests and there is ample parking available.  There are two different wedding locales on-premise - beachside or in the shaded grove.  

Pine Lake Park is an ideal Adirondack location for your company, church, school and family picnics.  Let them cater your next event while you enjoy the day.  Any food package can be customized to meet your needs.  All food is prepared fresh on a charcoal-fired barbeque pit and experienced staff will help make your party the highlight of the summer season.  Call today to reserve your date.

Our Most Popular Beach Buffet:
*$12.00 per person

* Including Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - Two Salads (your choice) - Potato Chips - Beverage

 Famous Chicken BBQ:
*$14.00 per person

*1/2 Chicken - Two Salads (your choice) - Potato Chips - Condiments - Beverage

Catering packages include beach admission and use of the covered pavilion.  (Subject to availability)  Additional items are available.

From the Caroga Lake Post Office across the road from Sherman's Park. Head northwest 5.0 miles on RT-10/RT-29A toward E Shore Road West Caroga, make a slight right on to Pine Lake Rd., at the Pine Lake Lodge, about 0.1 miles. Turn right at Timberline Ln, about 0.1 miles.

The end of the season party is a big favorite!
Learn more about the park and about Caroga Lake in the two local books
still available on-line in a limited quantity.
See below...


(Disclaimer: The Items I am promoting above in on my website are shared with your possible pleasure in mind. “I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through many of the links for products in this post.”) Although it is a small amount, this helps compensate for the time invested in sharing my passion for vintage campers and life in the Adirondacks.) 

We went to Pine Lakes for a paddle in our canoes. We took about 1.5 hours to paddle. It was a very nice lake. Easy paddle with some really cool mossy stumps poking out. Had a parking area and a nice launch area.

Nancy H. Stevens


Happy Trails!

Chatty Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

Create your own unique memories
by renting a vintage camper

Phone 518 605 3668

An Introduction to history of Camp Culture and Recreational Vehicles...

Camping in the ADKs - Vintage Photos

Every time a man sees something new in the world, he finds something new in himself. What a man thinks of the trees and birds, of the sea and mountains and the whole panorama of the summer spectacle, is an exposition of himself. What you see reveals you. We do not so much interpret nature — for nature needs but little interpretation ~ we interpret ourselves.

William Chalmers Covert, Wild Woods and Waterways ( 1914), p. 241.


Part One/Excerpts from American camp culture: a history of recreational vehicle development and leisure camping in the United States, 1890-1960 David Leroy Harmon Iowa State University

America is unique.

Even before this great land became a nation, many individuals set out to explore its natural wealth and beauty. 
America was considered the "New World." Americans of the late-18th and 19th century believed in that notion, even if they had to modify the idea to fit the vision they had of themselves. Americans identified their nation as a tabula rasa - an Edenic paradise unspoiled by overpopulation and the depletion of natural resources, open and airy rather than choking from hasty industrialization and dense urbanization.

Atop Mount March, the Adirondack's  tallest mountain.

,,,from roughly 1815 to 1862, "America was engaged in a quest for a definition of self that would give meaning to the American past, present, and future. The questions 'What is America?' and 'Who are the Americans?' had been asked before, but not with particular urgency."

Americans sought their national "identity in their relationship to the land they had settled."  ... tourism provided "a means of defining America as a place and taking pride in the special features of its landscape."

Americans turned to the landscape for a variety of reasons, but one primary reason rested in the fact that Americans did not have ancient ruins or majestic cathedrals to point to as symbols of their culture and civilization.

Instead, Americans pointed to the sublime, pastoral landscape with its unique and abundant natural wonders.

American interest and pride grew with every successive voyage or expedition undertaken to chart and explore the vast American landscape. This appreciation appeared in many forms and appealed to American sentiment. Artists like Thomas Cole and Frederic Church captured these inspiring images while writers like William Byrd II, Henry David Thoreau, and James Fenimore Cooper painted mental images expressed through words.

Among the most popular sites, Niagara Falls had attracted Americans since the earliest years of the nineteenth century. Eastern beaches also proved attractive early on, principally due to their proximity. Other areas as well, like the White Mountains of Vermont, the Adirondacks, the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and the Chesapeake Bay area, held a uniquely sublime experience for those who ventured there. 

Before there were roads they went on horseback, later by wagons....

(To be continued...)

Vintage Photos of Adirondack Camping
provided by

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Vintage Camper Birthday Party Ideas - great for kids and adults!

Looking for a good place to throw an event this summer? Why not consider a "theme'd" birthday party, family reunion or wedding in the southern Adirondacks - using one of our happy little vintage campers?

I have started to follow my own advice and am throwing our first-ever "Family Reunion" in Caroga Lake State Park, so have used this occasion to do some research. The results? A new page on our website, partly geared toward residents who live near our little cabin in the Adirondacks. They may not need to rent a vintage camper for traveling, but they may like the idea of hosting a party, either in a nearby campground, or their own backyards, using a vintage camper as part of the event. Hey, the state campground in Caroga, as are most state campgrounds, is amazingly affordable at $20 bucks a night. Can't beat that.

Many ideas can be found on Pinterest!
So, here is a sample of what you are going to find on the new "vintage camper" themed page called "Camping - Themed Birthday Parties" on my website:

First, you will find three headings, followed by a rash of ideas. The first? Adirondack-themed birthday parties...

Now, this is just an introduction to the concept, but why not give this some consideration. Party favors should be easy enough, and there are plenty of activities to do in the campground you choose, or around it, in the Adirondacks? I suggest a hike to a local fire tower, or to a pond with an incredible rock outcropping from which kids LOVE to leap. You will find a wealth of hiking info on my website, too...
and great places near Caroga for everything from fishing lures to local history. Our Caroga Historical Museum is a sweet little gem. You will find links to it on the party planning page, as well as to the nearby municipal golf course, if that floats your boat.

(Disclaimer: The Items I am promoting are shared with your possible pleasure in mind. “I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through many of the links for products in this post.”) Although it is a small amount, this helps compensate for the time invested in sharing my passion for vintage campers and life in the Adirondacks.) 

Speaking of boats, you will find resources for renting a pontoon barge, kayaks and canoes. Fulton County will immerse you in all things Adirondack as soon as you cross the imaginery "blue line" that marks the rims of our park. GREAT fishing.

So... an Adirondack-themed party can be had, hassle-free. We deliver, set up and take down vintage campers for you. Hassle-free. We offer a deluxe package that includes a water resistant gazebo, a new outdoor propane oven, and even 4 comfie Adirondack chairs. We want you to love the Adirondacks as much as we do!

The "Beam Me Up, Scotty" Outerspace - Themed Party... why not think outside the box?
I was first introduced to the beauty of the night skies by an unemployed local astronomer living in Long Lake. He had a homemade telescope and observatory in his backyard. I learned the value of the Adirondacks for star-gazing. The first vintage camper I named "Beam Me Up, Scotty" with that experience in mind. She can be rented for $75 nightly. We offer $25 OFF discounts for local
Caroga Lake residents.

For a hassle-free OUTER SPACE Birthday Party, we have also provided a wealth of resources, including games, songs, skits and party ideas. My favorite?
The Astronaut Game. It begins with, "I am on my way to Mars, and I am bringing...." and the play begins.

Switching gears, why not consider throwing a "S'Lumberjack Party" - you will find links to party supplies, paper goods, and gift ideas on our Birthday Party page, too!
My favorite gift idea is the Urban Lumberjack Magnetic Poetry kit.... (LOL)
and I really look forward to using some of the Lumberjack-themed Photo Props available, too.

The S'Lumberjack camper is my favorite, and when you peek inside, you will understand why. It is Adirondack to the max!  If you have spent much time around native "-dackers" you will notice their dry wit, and that is something I have tried to capture in the interior decor of this sweet little 1970 Serro Scotty Sportsman I picked up in Pennsylvania last summer.
Her exterior is a combination "red and black Buffalo plaid" and Adirondack "schtick" and the interior, well, more of the same!

She sleeps 2 adults and 2 children. The front table folds down into a single bed,
and there is a single bunk over the double bed in the back. The interior is full of handicrafts made by local Adirondack craftspeople, such as the prints on the walls, and the handsaw hanging over the front door.
The walls are wallpapered with faux log siding on the
inside:  last fall I hand-painting the exterior to match... I think the neighbors thought I was sniffing wallpaper paste, especially when they saw me blowing glitter on to the pine cones.

So there you have it.

When you check the website, make sure you visit the page showing this year's projects. My hope is to have 2-3 more campers ready by fall, however, they all take longer than I imagine.

Thanks for your enthusiastic encouragement -
once you have the vintage camper bug, you find all sorts of interesting folks out there who are enjoying
adventures all over the US and Canada - heck, "caravanning" is so popular in the Netherlands that the highways there are always packed with campers heading out to explore new places.

Look forward to the possibility of meeting you.
(PS: They say that beards are man's way of hugging their faces, or something like that!)

Happy Trails!

Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

Here is the direct link to the
Camper-Themed Birthday Party
Resource Page (and store)

The Serro Scotty 1970 Sportsman

1981 Serro Scotty Hilander

1968 Norris (one of several being refurbished)

Friday, February 23, 2018

On-line dating and love affairs - with vintage campers

We would (all!) love to see your before and after photos of your own vintage camper restorations and/or refurbished trailer!
Please post your photos below (before and after shots, if you would like)
We would love to hear from you, friends.

This photo was taken on the Ohio/Kentucky border.... it is a 1981 Serro Scotty Hilander.

Oh, No! Another Adventure? (Andy)
The story?
Well, it was my first love.. And like most first loves, especially when one is online dating, is not all it is cracked up to be. Funny, Scotty really did not look like his online photos. Sound familiar?

It was a long drive from here in Albany. I had sent a $1000 deposit, sight unseen. Was told the Scotty had no leaks. She looked great, so I took my new-to-me 1998 Ford 150 truck, brought Andy, my faithful Springer, and headed south. Did I mention the truck had no air conditioning?

Raggedy Ann, our tri-color springer, chose to stay home. It was a long ride. The owners had to be at work by 8, so using the GPS I found them, at the end of a country "holler". Now, if you know hollers, you know that they often are narrow dirt roads along the edge of a mountain stream. Often full of trash.
You have the picture.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the door of the camper was the smell. Yeah, smell. As in mold. And the partially collapsed ceiling. Sigh.

Sure, doesn't look bad. But I quickly smelled a rat. However, I took the leap, as lovers often do.

See that window?
We reframed her... and the rot around the vent in the roof. And the front windows frame. And part of the floor.

I still love her.

A shot of the same corner. Reframed.
So, I asked Andy's advice. He gave me that look. You know the look.
I still love Andy, too. He passed away several years ago, and is buried under a cherry tree at our Adirondack camp. And the Serro Scotty? He is swell, and safely stored in the chicken building at the local fairgrounds. $4000 grand later and she doesn't leak. But boy, did I holler the whole way home. Andy and I spent our first night together in the tarp-covered Scotty in a rest area on the way home. We had to stop along the way to fix the lights which did not work, having gotten lost, in 95 degree weather, in downtown Columbus.

My first love, like Andy.
I now have 4 springers, and 4 campers...
so far.
So, my advice?
Before buying a vintage camper, do your homework.
Whenever possible, look before you leap.
Or not.

Right now, it is a seller's market. Buyer beware,
Its a love affair - and we all know how that can go!

Happy trails!

Chatty Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

Here is that Andy look...  

From Our Caroga Lake cabin

Thursday, February 22, 2018

To build or purchase a Teardrop Camper? Your thoughts welcome!

In 1947, Mechanix Illustrated was the first to actually publish plans on how to build your own teardrop camper (so named because of its unique shape). It was the end of World War II, and the country was enjoying a new-found optimism.

Remembering how many soldiers had been lost in the war, the nation needed a healthy escape. Trailers of every sort were being manufactured, but the teardrops were for do-it-yourselfers. It was no more than 4x6 in length, and featured a double bed, with a lift up compartment in the rear that featured a propane stove, water storage, and even a pull-out table.

Today, there are many modernized versions and DIY kits online for building your own teardrop camper, and we are seriously considering purchasing one for Adirondack renters to take on the road and explore the park on their own.

Here are some of the many new versions of the teardrop currently being offered to those who do not find themselves handy.
Would love your input as to which one YOU might want to rent, own or try building yourself!

Please add your recommendations or comments below...

The American Teardrop Company offers many variations.

Your thoughts?
Click link...

Big Woody Teardrops (gotta love the name!) 
They also offer DIY plans and kits, too.

Your thoughts?
Click link...

The Cricket Camper is a unique variation!

Your thoughts?
Click here...

Again, we welcome your input and discoveries.
(I will add more info in the comments section over time as well!)

Happy Trails!

Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Addicted to vintage campers? Get creative!

Niki Antles' Cosmic Clocks
Introducing "Boom Boom Boomerang" clocks.  Vintage campers tend to be a creative bunch, in desperate need of finding ways to support their camping addiction. This is especially true in the winter months in the northeast. I speak from personal experience. Last night, while randomly trolling Facebook to discover inspiration while the boyfriend, who is addicted to Judge Judy, was engaged in his own mindless passion, I came upon these wonderful handmade cosmic clocks. A brand new facebook page, created by a brand new facebook friend who restores vintage campers. Her sweet little Shasta is pictured below.  It's been three weeks since she started crafting her cosmic clocks, and she is sold out. Surprised?

Keep your fingers crossed. May buy one this week.
It was love at first sight, and I am definitely going to try to buy one for the interior of "Beam Me Up, Scotty" before I go to the Vintage Camper Rally to be held in Herkimer, NY this June (see previous blog post).  Niki Antleshas restored this sweet little vintage Shasta.

Why do I love Niki's camper? Well, in part, because I am waiting to hear back from an excavator who has one for sale in the Adirondacks, and I have the bug. You will be hearing more about that purchase if it comes to fruition, trust me.

An example of what is available on Amazon
I wish I had the creativity and time to venture more in the direction people like Niki have done, to support my own particular addiction to vintage campers!I have recently signed up to become an affiliate marketer with Amazon, to help support my own addiction. I apologize if you don't like ads showing on your blogs. I am only promoting specific items that relate to camping, retro decor, and vintage restoration. Things I love, and assume, if you are reading this, you might find of value.

You will find an entire set of these mid-century atomic starburst mugs and plates in Beam Me Up, Scotty, should you rent it, by the way. Yes, vintage camping is a hoot.

Boom Boom Boomerang Clocks
Visit Niki's new Facebook business page
if interested in helping to support her addiction by buying one of her marvelous cosmic clocks. Here is the link, and let her know "The Vintage Campographer" says "Howdy, Friend!"

Her Facebook handle is "Cosmic Clocks"
and her business is Boom Boom Boomerang Clocks.
She is one hep chick!

Happy Trails!
"Chatty Cathy" Light
Your Vintage Campographer

The first of my five (and growing) number of vintage campers
this 1981 Serro Scotty Hilander, which celebrates the atomic starburst theme of the fifties...

More here...

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