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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Some things never go out of style...

Oh, No! I am hooked - another "collection" is growing!

The last thing I really need is another hobby.
However, there is something so cool about vintage thermoses (plus, what a great Scrabble word... "thermoses!")

Little Falls, NY has several wonderful antique centers in a place called Canal Place that are worth the drive from anywhere. At one, I found these four potential purchases and ended up choosing both the short JC Higgins thermos and the 1960's Woodland-style cooler, made by a company called Poloron in New Rochelle, NY. It is in perfect condition and will be included in the "S'Lumberjack vintage rental. Here are others for sale on ebay... should you want to start your OWN collection.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of refurbishing vintage campers is learning more about the campers, and the products favored by those who used them over the years. I will admit, my collection of thermoses is growing.

To visit a gorgeous blog by a fellow thermos collector, click here.
And be careful, you, too may catch the bug.
No known cure (well, except bankruptcy, lol).

The making of a vintage thermos collection....

ps.... I also love railroad lanterns

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