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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing Like A Vintage Camper Rally! You will Dig This One!!!

You will dig the upcoming Camper Rally at the Herkimer Diamond Mine - rent a vintage camper and join us there (www.VintageCamperShare.com)

You can learn more about the Rally itself and/or contact the organizer, Christine, at her event/group page on Facebook by clicking here. 38 campers are signed on board, and only a few spots left in the campground so make your reservations asap!
Herkimer is just off Rte. 90 between Utica and Albany, and just south of the Adirondacks. The campground is small but unique - and the custom cabins are worth considering, OMG. You will love the tree house cabin and the observatory for stargazing!

Click here to learn more...

Activities beyond digging for diamonds include a Friday Night HOT DOG fest, with brief intro to all the participants. Saturday we visit all the trailers in the campground area, go tubing, fishing along the W. Canada creek, with a potluck around 5:30, and a group fire for anyone interested. Sunday, hang out at campers, share the best coffee and say goodbye and/or continue to engage in more river fun! Get your fishing license. Why? Fly fishing is very popular on the W. Canada!

May do a tour of the nearby Mohawk Antiques Mall during the weekend, too!

Both Herkimer and nearby Little Falls have amazing old factory buildings full of vintage goodies. Bring your pocketbook!
Not sure we can barter with our Herkimer diamonds, but it might be worth a try!

A few more resources to wet your whistle...

More about Herkimer diamonds,
click here.

More about other campgrounds in the immediate area, click here.
and do check out the upcoming blog post tomorrow, with a growing list of big vintage camper rallies, all over the United States!

Nothing like sneak previews, eh?

Happy Trails,
Cathy Light
Your Vintage Campographer!

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