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Monday, December 23, 2019

"Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjacks..."

Clark Sport Center - 1 mile south of the Baseball Hall of Fame
(Click here to pre-order your FREE TICKET to the Induction Ceremony)

Introducing the 3-Day 
National Baseball Hall Of Fame
Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 24, 25 and 26
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We suspect that if you want to know Otsego County better...a good place to start would be the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
And the best time of the year to visit Cooperstown, the village that birthed the Hall, has got to be when the year's INDUCTION CEREMONY is scheduled.

Sunday, July 26th, 2020  / 1:00 pm

But first, "Why is the Baseball Hall of Fame In Cooperstown?
The game was invented there. 1839. Learn more here...

And thanks to a wealthy local philanthropist, the first Hall of Fame inductees were elected: Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner. The year? 1936.

This year's inductees? We will know in January! Many are wondering if Derek Jeeter could follow Mariano Rivera as the second unanimous inductee!
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Don't just come for the ceremony, however:
Events actually begin Friday morning!
Learn more here...

In anticipation of a large crowd in Otsego County, we have reserved a campsite for three days, as the 5-day long celebration in Cooperstown actually runs from July 24th through July 27th, and includes

For a home-run experience, both getting there and enjoying the weekend more fully, learn more here...

Introducing the VCS ONE-OF-A-KIND
July 24, 25 and 26, 2020

Your Hall of Fame Special includes

  • three night rental of any of our vintage campers (book early for your best selection) 
  • three nights camping at nearby Cooperstown Deer Run Campground
  • two free tickets for Membership to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 
Membership includes: 
Free admission to the Museum Hall of Fame Weekend and throughout the year, a special members-only entrance to the Hall of Fame to avoid long lines,
exclusive early access to the Museum on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Hall of Fame Weekend, a complimentary copy of the Commemorative Hall of Fame Weekend Program, and priority access to the Legends of the Game Roundtable program on Monday

More to follow... 
(click here to view details on our website) and call us at 518 605 3668)

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

It's been a while. 3 new campers, however!

It's been a while...

in fact, almost a year.

I will blame Drew Barrymore.

Well, back in March, when our fleet consisted of only three vintage campers, I had decided to hold off on doing any more. Be practical. Pay off the debt incurred from starting up this business a year before.

But then I got this call from California. And email. And another call.

I thought it was spam.

Nope. Drew Barrymore's agent called, AGAIN... wanting info on booking one of the three campers for her client... in two days... for her to use when shooting a movie in Manhattan for a few weeks.

Now, you know I was excited.
You KNOW I wanted to say YES!
But..... (lost opportunity?) I didn't.

The campers were in winter storage. Had no heaters. And I wanted her to be comfortable. So I said no. That I would put her on my mailing list.

Guess what. First email blast is going out this week.

However.... grinning....
I was so excited about her enthusiasm... I went out and bought and restored three more campers.

Hence, the lack of blog postings.
However, it did lead to twice as many bookings as last year.
And, it gave me yet one more excuse for not keeping up with this blog.

So, I pray I don't get anymore calls from California this winter.
(or not)
I need a chance to recover from the last call.

Go see the newest campers -
the rare '63 Shasta (Campers' Choice), the very old '58 FAN (Tin Can Annie) and the latest, a '71 Beeline (The Bumblebear).

And... gulp.... call.
Oh, and sign up for our email list (lol)
Am working on it... (Sign up HERE. First newsletter going out this week. Promise!)

Chatty Cathy
(518) 605-3668
Vintage Camper Share

  • ps.... it was an incredible season - CLICK HERE (2019 Season Highlights).
  • pps .... ended with a FEATURE article in national blog, as I was chosen "owner of the week" by Outdoorsy, the AirBnB of RV rentals... CLICK HERE (The "Never Idle" Journal. Figures.)

The Bumblebear, a 1971 Beeline Vintage Camper

Both the shots below were taken at the Fonda Fairground last October. I store my campers there in the winter time. Don't Tell Drew.

"Tin Can Annie" - A 1959 FAN Vintage Camper

The "Camper's Choice" - You can choose from 4 Decor Themes When Booking Her - She is a rare 1963 Vintage Shasta Compact - found in a dump off a snowmobile trail while riding in Warren County in the Adirondacks last winter

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