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Monday, February 12, 2018

To restore or refurbish, that is the question.

I will not soon forget the drive to the Ohio/Kentucky border to pick up my first vintage camper, a 1981 Serro Scotty Hilander. I had just turned 60, bought my first pickup truck (red) and brought along Andy, my beloved Springer Spaniel, and a GPS. My required ETA was 7 in the morning, as both owners had to leave for their day jobs. As often happens, the GPS took me a crazy back route up and down little dirt roads, but I arrived on time.

It took no time to realize that the Scotty, who supposedly "had no leaks" was in far worse shape than described. To make a long story short, we negotiated down the price, and Andy and I headed home, getting stuck in a rain
She looks great from the outside...storm, which meant that we had to quickly pull over and cover my leaky sieve with a large tarp so that no further damage would destroy the interior. Sigh.

There are many great folks offering advice on what to look for when buying your first vintage camper. Seek them out - they NO what they are talking about!
Once you have made the decision, make sure you begin to learn the lingo. You can proceed to "refurbish/rebuild" or "restore"... Sign up for future blog postings, as I will share information on both restoring AND refurbishing, how to FIND and what to look for when purchasing a vintage camper, and more.

To restore means just what it says...
you will bring it back as close to the original condition as possible, both inside
Newly reframed and refurbished.
and out. So far, I am not a restorer. I am a refurbisher. Because my plan from the get-go was to have fun with these little campers, I have not restored them to their original state. Instead, I have played. And the results are not in yet to confirm that folks may find it fun to rent one of my refurbished campers.

Stay tuned... will let you know how it goes!

An incredible resource for restoring and rebuilding Serro Scotty campers (or ANY vintage camper!)

Happy Trails,
Chatty Cathy Light, your Vintage Campographer

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