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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

New directions...

 Hi, friends!

Been a while since we have posted, as things certainly are changing at VCS (Vintage Camper Share). . . 

a new website is under consideration, in which we promote vintage camper rental possibilities throughout the country!

Check back often -

Happy Trails, 

Catherine Light

(Pictured below, our latest project heading to the Fonda Fairgrounds for her winter storage)...

Sunday, January 5, 2020


"INDULGE 2020" 

There were just 83 active breweries in 1983, less than 50 the following year. . . however, that year the Boston Beer Company was founded, joining both Anchor and Sierra Nevada in leading the comeback of the American beer industry. Things have changed, especially in upstate New York.

Today almost 100 craft breweries can be found within 75 miles of Vintage Camper Share's two locations here in the southern Adirondacks and the Capital District of upstate New York! For those of you with a passion for breweries, wineries, distilleries or cideries, we have created a custom google map that locates the breweries (etc.) as well as the 150 or more campgrounds to which we deliver vintage campers. It also includes the counties (19) in which these are found, your campgrounds, upcoming event and festivals, and even a custom tour created with a starting point at a campground (Birch Haven Campground, located on Great Sacandaga Lake)...

Read more about creating custom tours...
and email us if you would like to have us mail you a .kml file which you can import into the GOOGLE EARTH app you can download on your smartphone.

This makes this information easily accessible!

*To access the Google map's legend, click on small icon, top left corner

Click Here
The official "Druther's Intro....

"Druthers doesn't just sell beer; we encourage good-humored, freethinkers who would rather do it their own way to shake free, go for the gusto, and live the lives they have always wanted. Our beer is brewed as a tribute to those who put their life, work, and convictions to the test!"

The naming of this year's tour...
"Indulge 2020"

My partner, Craig (photo shy: you will see alot of pics of his hands. Usually with a lager or two nearby) headed from our home base in Schenectady. Along the way, we passed a local street called Queen Philomena Blvd.

This year's tour is named after her. Philomena, that is. We did a google search along the way to the brewery. Never did find out much about her, but more about SAINT Philomena, and the history of indulgences. She is the patron saint of infants and children. Also read about the Catholic history of indulgences...

Craig's Hands...
With the first sip of our two ales, we certainly felt indulgent... 

and when our appetizer was delivered, the name of the 2020 Craft Brewery tour was obvious...

"Indulge 2020" 

Craig chose the
This copper-colored beer has a caramel, toasty and slightly fruity aroma. The flavor is malty up front, in the middle and through the finish, with caramel notes dominant. Being a great example of its style, it won a silver award at the 2016 World Beer Cup in the Scottish-style ales category!

He was pleased.

Cheese Curds, French Fries, Sausage and Gravy.
I had a Pilsner, and finally, 
my first POUTINE! 

I am Canadian.
However, I have never ever had poutine. What's with that!

And there it was, sitting on the menu.
I bit.
No regrets.

I was NOT disappointed!

To view the Druther's menu...
click here.

To find out more about the beers and ale, click here...

Order a growler for back at the campfire...
We suggest exploring the neighborhood around Druthers. You will find several other breweries, and a cider mill, too. Do not miss the famous Albany landmark, the RCA Victor dalmation, perched just down the street from Druthers!

Grab a growler to take back to the campfire, should you be camping nearby. Remember, do all things in moderation, especially on the "Indulge 2020" tour on which you have embarked.

There are several state and private campgrounds within a half hour or less of Druthers. You will find them on the Google map above by clicking on the icon at the top left, and enlarging the map by clicking on it, or moving it with two fingers if viewing it on your smartphone.

Campground directly on the Mohawk

Arrowhead Marina and RV Park
They are located directly on the Mohawk River (Erie Canal) in the Town of Glenville, less than 10 minutes from downtown Schenectady. Best feature? The park is situated directly on the Mohawk River, so bring your camera, fishing rod, skivvies, and enjoy the view. There is a great little movie theater in the town of Scotia, within 5 minutes of the marina.  

Got kids? They will love this place!

Adventure Bound Camping Resort at Deer Run
Nestled in the hills of Rensselaer County overlooking the Hoosick River, and surrounded by hundreds of peaceful wooded acres, Adventure Bound Camping Resort - Deer Run Camping and RV Resort offers first class service, fine facilities and fun. Fishing pond for the kids, and loads of activities. Sites are close together, however.  The park has mostly seasonal guests, so book early.

Enjoy the journey...

Monday, December 23, 2019

"Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjacks..."

Clark Sport Center - 1 mile south of the Baseball Hall of Fame
(Click here to pre-order your FREE TICKET to the Induction Ceremony)

Introducing the 3-Day 
National Baseball Hall Of Fame
Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 24, 25 and 26
Learn more here...

We suspect that if you want to know Otsego County better...a good place to start would be the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
And the best time of the year to visit Cooperstown, the village that birthed the Hall, has got to be when the year's INDUCTION CEREMONY is scheduled.

Sunday, July 26th, 2020  / 1:00 pm

But first, "Why is the Baseball Hall of Fame In Cooperstown?
The game was invented there. 1839. Learn more here...

And thanks to a wealthy local philanthropist, the first Hall of Fame inductees were elected: Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner. The year? 1936.

This year's inductees? We will know in January! Many are wondering if Derek Jeeter could follow Mariano Rivera as the second unanimous inductee!
Learn more here...

Don't just come for the ceremony, however:
Events actually begin Friday morning!
Learn more here...

In anticipation of a large crowd in Otsego County, we have reserved a campsite for three days, as the 5-day long celebration in Cooperstown actually runs from July 24th through July 27th, and includes

For a home-run experience, both getting there and enjoying the weekend more fully, learn more here...

Introducing the VCS ONE-OF-A-KIND
July 24, 25 and 26, 2020

Your Hall of Fame Special includes

  • three night rental of any of our vintage campers (book early for your best selection) 
  • three nights camping at nearby Cooperstown Deer Run Campground
  • two free tickets for Membership to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 
Membership includes: 
Free admission to the Museum Hall of Fame Weekend and throughout the year, a special members-only entrance to the Hall of Fame to avoid long lines,
exclusive early access to the Museum on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Hall of Fame Weekend, a complimentary copy of the Commemorative Hall of Fame Weekend Program, and priority access to the Legends of the Game Roundtable program on Monday

More to follow... 
(click here to view details on our website) and call us at 518 605 3668)

Book your camper early! Click Here...

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