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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Curtains! Queen Elizabeth is watching, too!

Curtains! Curtains! Curtains!

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Beware The Queen! I am Canadian, and so the presence of Queen Elizabeth sneaks in unbid, no matter what I do. She does not look happy, either.
(She needs to go camping)

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The Flying Cow Vintage Camper
The Adirondacks Go Funkadelic!
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The third of five campers will be ready for renting
this season. It will be a tribute to the 60's
(she is a 1965 Frolic Camper, made, like many, in Illinois)
although she was purchased high in the Catskills,
in a little town called Bovina.

Her name? The Flying Cow.
You can imagine what directions the Adirondack-inspired
artwork is going to go. Stay Tuned.

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